Advice to new groups

We’re always pleased to hear of more good neighbour schemes being initiated but we are unable to support them all by attending sessions on an individual basis. We normally accommodate these by suggesting a few representatives come to see us in Whissendine. If you can ask your group to read all the information on our website, note down their principal questions and delegate one or two to meet with us we would be happy to help you.


Information of use to new goups

Over the years Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme has given a number of presentations at events organised to highlight the benefits of good neighbour schemes and to offer advice to groups starting new schemes. These Powerpoint presentations can be downloaded below.

 Starting a Good Neighbour Scheme - 2011  (accompaying transcript available)

 Starting a Good Neighbour Scheme - March 2014

 Starting a Good Neighbour Scheme - July 2014


Officer responsibilities

Our Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and DBS Officer have written short description of their tasks and reponsibilities in running Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme. These are available below as pdf files.

Responsibilities of the Chair

Responsibilities of the Administrative Secretary

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

Responsibilities of the Secretary to the Management Group

Responsibilities of the DBS Officer


Sustaining a Good Neighbour Scheme

Once a Good Neighbour Scheme is up and running, keeping it going in a sustainable manner is the next (and continuing) challenge. Six years after WGNS started we've put together another presentation about the things we think have contributed to the success of Whissendine's Scheme.

 Keeping a Good Neighbour Scheme Going

 Notes on the recruitment of volunteers


Other information

The Scheme's Constitution and Volunteer Information Pack may also be of interest, and further information may be gleaned from from the Minutes, especially those from the first 6 months of the Scheme.