(To download a pdf of the WGNS Constitution, please click here.)

  1. Name of the Group

    1. The name of the Group shall be the Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme hereafter called the Scheme
  2. Purpose

    1. i. The purpose of the Scheme shall be to provide short term help to the residents of Whissendine Village, including transport, befriending, domestic support and household assistance with the help of local volunteers. The Scheme will also endeavour to encourage self help, friendship and neighbourliness with the local community1.
    2. ii. The Scheme will ensure that as far as possible, projects are carried out in line with the wishes of the community.
  3. Membership and officers

    1. Membership of the Scheme shall be open to anyone residing in the parish of Whissendine.
    2. A management group will be formed to carry out the legal, financial and operational business of the Scheme.
    3. The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from within the Management Group.
    4. A quorum will constitute two-thirds of the management group.
  4. Meetings

    1. Meetings will be held on a regular basis and will be well advertised and open to the whole community.
    2. Only members of the management group may vote on decisions at meetings and a quorum must be present for the motion to be carried.
    3. Notes of the main points will be taken of all meetings and made available to all members of the Scheme and community.
  5. Changes to the constitution

    1. Changes to the constitution may be made on application to the management group by any 4 unrelated members of the Scheme and should be ratified at a Special General Meeting at which a quorum of the management group is present.
  6. Finance

    1. The Treasurer will:
      1. Open a bank account in the name of the Scheme with 3 unrelated signatories
      2. Keep accurate records of transactions and provide such records for annual audit as required.
      3. Make financial accounts available to the community in public places annually.
    2. Grants may be applied for as necessary.
  7. Dissolution

    1. The Scheme will be dissolved with the agreement of a two-thirds majority of the management group following an application by at least 4 unrelated members of the community.
    2. The management group will at their discretion take the application for dissolution to a vote at a Special General Meeting open to all member of the community. A majority two-thirds vote will be used to carry the motion in this instance.
    3. On dissolution any outstanding funds shall be returned to the funders from whence they came or with their agreement, used for charitable work within the community, following discussion with the Rural Community Council.

We certify that this a current copy of the constitution of Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme which was accepted at a meeting on June 23rd 2010.

Confidentiality Clause

Whissendine Good Neighbours Scheme requires total confidentiality in its dealings with the public. CONFIDENTIALITY is expected between all management group, members and persons seeking to work in the scheme, or for those seeking assistance.

  1. Administration

    1. All surveys and similar are to remain confidential, i.e. no names and addresses are to be disclosed to the public, however, lists may be provided for the circulation of relevant open communications.
    2. Any names and addresses and associated business disclosed to members of the Management group, are NOT to be divulged outside of any pertinent meeting.
  2. Personal

    1. There is to be a strict policy of one to one contact ONLY, between the Safeguarding designated officer and each separate individual volunteer with regard to applications for Safeguarding Certification.
    2. In cases of doubt (or other problems), the Safeguarding officer must ask the volunteer’s permission to seek the advice of the elected chairman, secretary or treasurer. If deemed necessary, the above officers, again with the volunteer’s permission, may seek the advice/opinions of the elected management group.

Safeguarding Policy

As part of their commitment to safeguarding village residents, the Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme (WGNS) Management Group will ensure that all active members of the Scheme will undergo enhanced Safeguarding checks prior to taking up tasks within the village. The process will be within the following guidelines:

This confidentiality clause and safeguarding policy was amended and approved at a meeting of the Management Group on October 14th 2013